Through her courses I gained a basic understanding of what I needed to do,” says Delia. “Within weeks of following Melissa’s advice, I found my first two books on Amazon’s bestsellers lists and discovered that my second book was one of the most downloaded Paranormal novels on Amazon over Christmas — the hottest book-buying time of the year. Thrilling!
Author Delia Colvin

I’m taking Branding and Marketing from Fostering Success and have learned so much from her classes. I was able to rearrange my website, make the branding more unique across social networks and have more confidence in my “product” ie me. Writing is familiar and exciting, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next as I write. Marketing the writing? Terrifying – pit in the stomach yuckfest that sucks the soul out a bit of a time and leaves me all churny. Melissa makes it easier. She slices it into bite size pieces that can be digested without too much indigestion. I finally feel more at ease.
Author Alice Ayden

I love the way Melissa has the courses set up. This was the first course I took,and it was tremendously helpful in getting my website a huge overhaul. I followed all of the steps she mentioned, and now I absolutely love my website. I also followed the steps she reccommended for my social networking sites, and now everything matches and my brand is clear across the boards. I loved this first course, and I’m looking forward to taking “Effective Book Marketing.” Thanks Melissa, for all that you do!
Author Andrea Buginsky author of The Chosen

I get really overwhelmed with the marketing aspects of being an indie writer, and Melissa has been an invaluable source of knowledge and encouragement. She has continually taken the time to “Share The Love” with me and help me to make the best marketing decisions possible. She is a marketing machine, driven to succeed and determined to take everyone she knows WITH her to the top. It is amazingly refreshing to see authors banding together to support each other and Melissa is, without a doubt, one of our stalwart leaders!
Robin O’Bryant author of Ketchup is a Vegetable and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves.

5 stars for Melissa’s workshop it was like sitting in her office having a chat. I took the branding class and loved every minute. I easily identified my inconsistencies and came away with 4 pages of notes. She’s very generous in sharing her knowledge about the industry in a fun, easy to understand way.
Author Deborah Brown

Melissa is absolutely tireless in her determination to help other authors achieve the milestones she herself has achieved. She has generously extended her virtual hand to me, individually, on several occasions, and yesterday, as a participant in her social media class, she provided similar guidance that was concrete and easy to understand and most of all easy to apply! The follow up effort is tremendous and I can guarantee no question asked is left unanswered and all of that expertise for so little cost.
Author Barbara Sissel

Thanks so much, Melissa! Before meeting Kathie Shoop and learning about your classes and services, I was stumpling in the dark trying to figure out how to
market. Now I feel windows and doors have opend for me! It’s a little overwhelming — but much better than going it alone. I was looking for direction. Now I have direction AND a community. I’m truly grateful! Thank you!
Author Connie Donaldson

I took the marketing course hosted by Melissa and in roughly 45 minutes exponentially increased my knowlege of marketing books via Twitter and facebook.
Author Andrew Cotto

I participated in Melissa’s live webinar on social media. I can say without qualification that she is the most generous Indie author I have encountered. The quantity and quality of the information she provided are providing me with an invaluable road map that will keep me from detouring onto dead-end roads of promotion.
Most important, Melissa walks the talk. She doesn’t just talk about helping other authors; she LIVES it. If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to interact with her through the many avenues available on this site, don’t wait.

Elf Spirit

Through Melissa and the WLC, I got a crash course in marketing, effective tweeting, and all types of social media and promoting. Melissa didn’t just organize the book launch and disappear, she met with us by video conference on Google+ and stayed in touch through a Facebook group and e-mail. To this day, she answers questions and freely shares her advice and expertise. I felt she cared about all of us, both personally and professionally. Melissa is someone who enjoys connecting other people and helping them learn. Because of her, I’ve made better use of my marketing time and budget, learned to understand Amazon rankings, and even hit the Top 100 in Amazon Occult Horror Best Sellers for 3 days in December. I feel fortunate to have her as a mentor and friend.
Author Lisa M. Lilly

The most fortunate event in my life as an indie author was being fortunate enough to become a colleague and friend of Melissa Foster. She has not only educated me about how marketing in the indie world works best, but has supported me constantly and proved to be one of the great inspirations in my life. Her warmth, dedication and positive energy is infectious and I consider her one of the great pioneers in indie publishing, not only for her great wisdom, but for her boundless devotion to helping others succeed.
Author Bonnie Trachtenberg

Whether you’ve stumbled across Melissa or sought her out, you’ve just become really lucky. She is one of the most generous writers I know. Her support and advice and help and pushing and prodding and forcing me to get onto social networks and connect with readers and writers has made an incredible difference in my life as an author. She knows what to do and when to do it. She is available more than your primary care physician ever is and every time we talk, I can feel her smiling on the other end of the phone. That is a gift–taking what she knows and offering it to others in ways that are easily implemented and understood. I’m so grateful for her friendship and kindness and I know that anyone who works with Melissa will feel the same fortunate way that I do. Thanks, Melissa!
Kathie, an author

Melissa Foster has truly been an incredible mentor and friend. One rarely meets someone so willing to give up their time to help other succeed, and I am so thankful to have met her. She has been an incredible support and resource for knowledge on the industry and advice. I can’t think of one person whom has helped me more than she has since I published my first novel.
Author TM Souders

Life provides the right people and resources at the right times. Just as I wondered how Indie authors like myself could unite and create a ground swell of support for each other, Melissa and I connected. There is no ego involved in what she does. Giving, sharing, supporting, cheering and mentoring are parts of her fundamental nature, reflective of who she is as a human being and as an advocate for fellow authors. Melissa realizes connection is key to success, and has talked me off a ledge more than once. It is through her generosity and exposure through World Literary Cafe that I have crossed over to best selling author in just a few months. Her deep kindness and wicked humor as we travel unchartered waters keeps us sane, and helps us laugh together over what we share in common. The community she is building will only continue to grow, and if you don’t believe she’s at the forefront to lead a new generation of authors toward the bright future of book publishing, think again.
Author G.E. Johnson

I participated in a chat group with Melissa. She took over an hour with four of us, showing and telling us what we needed to do to bump up our marketing game – for FREE! I have never met, or heard, of a person who has the level of success she does giving so much. I’m still working on implementing the list she helped me create.
Author Sarah Whitenhafer

I would go so far as to say that Melissa Foster is a wonderful human being. Why would I say this? I believe that she actually cares about the people she helps. It is rare in this industry, in any industry in fact, to find someone in a position of influence that actually is invested in the success of others.I can reach her by phone, text, email and social media. Although email is best for me, if I were to call her I know that she would be there to listen. As far as email, I usually receive a response within hours. Frankly with six kids, running WLC, writing novels, and God knows what other tasks she has her fingers in, I don’t know how she does it. Perhaps she has perfected cloning. Probably not, more likely it is old fashion—but superior to most—organizational skills.One of my favorite things about Melissa is that she is not afraid to say what needs to be said. If your cover art is lacking she will tell you. If you are not implementing something quite right, she will speak up, etc.If you are looking for someone that is inactive and will tell you what you want to hear, then Melissa is probably not for you. But if you are seeking someone that you can count on, and you too are willing to put your nose to the “stone” and get some work done, then I believe you have found your girl.
Thank you Melissa.

Van Heerling

Melissa has endless patience and vast knowledge, and shares it selflessly to help other authors reach their goals. Her marketing savvy is only surpassed by her generosity of spirit. You can’t go wrong by working with her, and you’re guaranteed to emerge from the experience better.
Author Russell Blake

There are two types of people–leaders and followers and I must say that Melissa is a true leader in the writing/publishing industry. Her knowledge, passion, energy, hard work and dedication is what makes her successful. Her goal to help others succeed is priceless and her sincerity and kindness is what makes you love her. In a nutshell, having Melissa by your side is the best investment you can ever make in your career as an author.
Author Geraldine Solon

I want to thank Melissa for her help. The class taught me so much about how to use social media to its best advantage, I can’t thank her enough. When I published my book I knew very little about how to market and have learned so much about book marketing from her. She’s always there whenever I have a question to ask and has been a great help to me. Thank you so much, Melissa.
Author Carol Tibaldi

I know there is a world of readers out there but I didn’t know how to connect with them. When I stumbled upon the World Literary Cafe I was just about ready to give up my marketing efforts – and what a lucky day that was for me! Melissa Foster has taught me patiently how to connect with her amazing group of authors, how to reach out to readers and how to make positive use of the social networking I was so scared of. I’m now on an exciting journey which will give my novel the expore it deserves. Thank you Melissa, and thank you WLC.
Author Helga Zeiner

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