Developing your platform and creating a branded and effective online presence is vital for an author’s success

Creating the elusive author platform that works hand-in-hand with your website, social media, Amazon presence, and promotions doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This course will help you understand and create a complete online platform, preparing you to take on marketing with our Effective Marketing Course.


This comprehensive course covers the following areas of building your online presence:


  • Understanding branding and why it’s important
  • Understanding your author platform
  • Creating an effective and branded website*
  • Branding your social media presence
  • Branding your Amazon author page
  • Branding your Amazon book page(s)
  • & tips and tricks to get you noticed
This program includes:

TWO videos designed with easy-to-understand instructions
SEVERAL articles and handouts
ONGOING SUPPORT via private Facebook group


*This program includes the information covered in the Creating An Effective Author Website course, and assumes understanding of setting up and using social networks. If you do not have any social network experience, we strongly recommend taking the Social Media Made Easy course prior to taking this particular course.

“Excellent, helpful information. I highly recommend this course if you want to sell more books.”
Andrea Hurst, Literary Agent and Author

“Great-great stuff. This course covers everything an author needs to know about branding yourself and the type of platform needed to get the maximum exposure. I give this a five star review.”
Author, Laura Stolmeier

“…her protocol is a ‘necessary business system’ for any author striving to better their future. As a chiropractor, they teach you how to be a doctor, but not how to run a business. In the writing world, you have the author part, Melissa has the business side covered. Take it and learn.”
Nick G. Giannaras Author of The Relics of Nanthara trilogy

“I have only taken 1 course & have only begun implementing some of the things I have learned.Within a day or two, my paperback book has risen to #7 on the Solo Travel Category on Amazon & #11 on the Kindle!”
Author Margie Miklas

“This course was tremendously helpful and I love the way it was set up. I followed all the steps for my website and social networks and now my brand is clear across the board!”
Author Andrea Buginsky

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