Writing a book is what authors do, marketing a book is what authors learn to do, and I’m here to help walk you through the process


There is no magic bullet when it comes to marketing, but I can show you tips and tricks to help give your book the wings it deserves. This program will teach you marketing techniques to bring your books onto the radar screen of readers.


This dynamic course covers effective book marketing techniques in the following areas:


  • The value of sales vs. exposure
  • How, when, and where to drive traffic
  • Harnessing the power of social media
  • The essentials of blog tours
  • Effective Newsletters
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Paid & Free Marketing Techniques
  • & many other tips and tricks to get your book noticed
This program includes:


FOUR videos designed with easy-to-understand instructions
SEVERAL articles and handouts
ONGOING SUPPORT via private Facebook group
COURSE DURATION: self-guided



“What a difference this course made. I have direction and expertise
behind me now to launch my book.”

Andrea Hurst, Literary Agent and Author
“The quantity and quality of the information provided me with an invaluable road map that will keep me from detouring onto dead-end roads of promotion. Most important, Melissa walks the talk. She doesn’t just talk about helping other authors; she LIVES it.”
Author, Connie Barrett

“Because of Melissa, I’ve made better use of my marketing time and budget, learned to understand Amazon rankings, and even hit the Top 100 on Amazon Best Sellers list.”
Author, Lisa M. Lilly

“I loved this course, it was exactly what I needed going into my debut book launch.”
Author, Hunter Emkay

“Professionally executed, informative, perfectly paced, and abundant in practical ideas that can be immediately implemented. Well worth the investment!
Author, Keri Nola

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