Thinking of self-publishing?

This is the place to start! This course is designed for those who wish to self-publish and are not quite sure how, or where to start. We’ll take the fear out of self-publishing and guide you toward your publishing goals. Please note that pricing strategies are not covered in this program. Pricing strategies are covered in our Effective Book Marketing program.

This course covers:


  • Preparing your manuscript
  • Genre selection
  • Selecting keywords
  • Distributors
  • eBooks vs. paperbacks
  • Cover design
  • Formatting
  • Tips & tricks every author needs to know
This program includes:


TWO videos designed with easy-to-understand instructions
SEVERAL articles, handouts, and bonus demo videos
ONGOING SUPPORT via private Facebook group

“The information was excellent and wish I’d had this class 2 years ago when I first got started. This was simple and easy to understand.”
Author, Deborah Brown

“…filled in some very big gaps and helped to make things a lot easier to understand. I
highly recommend it!”

Author Chrissie Parker

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