Let me take the fear out of social media!

This course is for those that have yet to embark on social media, and will walk you through signing up, using, and understanding social media. This course will prepare you to move forward with our Effective Book Marketing Course, where you will learn to use social media for marketing purposes.

  • Creating and branding your social media presence
  • Signing up for Twitter and Facebook
  • Social media lingo – Facebook and Twitter
  • How to manage & maximize your time on social media
  • Electronic Tools to manage your social media life
  • Tips & tricks of the trade

*This course does not include the use of social media for marketing purposes–that is covered in our Effective Book Marketing course.

This program includes:

ONE 40-minute video
SEVERAL articles and handouts
ONGOING SUPPORT via private Facebook group

“Great course. Stuffed full of useful info. If you didn’t hear or see it in this course for Facebook and Twitter – it doesn’t exist.”
Author, Laura Stolmeier

“After watching this video I got the complete picture with regards to social media. Everything came together in a giant click. I’ve loved every course I’ve taken.”
Author, Deborah Brown

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